My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grandma Quotes

Well sweet grandma (my mom) has flown back to Wisconsin after spending a week of playtime with us.

We love her.  She makes us laugh.
So while she was here I logged a few of my favorite grandma quotes...

She was telling me about a home jewelry party she went to and she could not find much to buy.  But, she did get a very cute pair of earrings for me.  Puzzled by the whole process she said:

"You have to buy something or you feel like a prune head."
Not quite sure what a prunehead feels like, but it paints quite a picture.  =)

the topic of prune heads came up again at dinner.  We were asking her what a prune head really was...laughing she said...
"Remember, I'm a lot older than you so there were a lot of prune heads in my day."
more grandma humor to keep us hoppin'.

then a few days ago, while traveling in ATL traffic...
she said,
"Hold onto your Britches"....

She is full of all sorts of other "wisdom" too, but these were the highlights.  =)

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