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My Family
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building with Lucas, Stone Mountain, and Passion City Church

Since Lucas LOVES to pound things and assemble things and cannot get himself outside to do so, we brought it all inside.  We bought him a few small projects and he and daddy worked on assembling them (thank you Randy and Barb)....we had a busy building days the past few days.
First, a birdhouse....
Not sure if you can see it well in these pics or not but when Lucas is concentrating really hard, he uses his tongue on the inside of his mouth to aid in the funny thing about that is this little "habit" runs in our family....My dad was notorious for it, I do it, I've seen my siblings do it...yes siblings, if you are reading this....I HAVE seen you do this...

Then there was the Bird Feeder....

We also went to Stone Mountain yesterday for the Rice Festival (and Asian Harvest Festival) with lots of entertainment, etc.  (although no food, which was a bit weird) then we walked through the Pumpkin Festival and took a ride up the side of Stone Mountain.  Lucas LOVED the tram...and enjoyed being "way up high" on the mountain....

Lucas took our picture with my camera upside down....

Just a brief update on pain/comfort/mobility...
Lucas has had NO pain meds day or night the past 2 days.  Thank you Jesus!
He is beginning to scoot himself around a bit on the floor and of course we all know he is rolling around all over his bed at night with ease.  
I would say he is "good"!  

Today we went to church and were overwhelmed by friends and prayer warriors from kids to adults, from greeters, to teachers, and others just praying for Lucas.  We are truly blessed to have such an amazing church family.  

Lucas stayed with the kids and did great!  Peter and I got to worship and hear Louie talk about our Unusual God---the God of Daniel---the God who deserves our excellence in all we do. 
 To Him Alone be the Glory!  


  1. Looks like Lucas has a very good mom and dad...allowing all that woodworking in the house!
    Glad to hear he needs no more pain killers.

  2. I love the updates. He is such a handsome boy. He has much perseverance. Good for him. And, good for you.