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My Family
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

continuing to improve...

Aunt Linda leaves today.  That's a little sad for us.  We have loved having her around.  Although I'm sure she misses her hubby, so I suppose we will let her go.

The next few days will be a test of seeing how Lucas and I do "alone" during the day.  For the most part it really isn't a big deal.  He is typically on the floor surrounded by toys and sweet Buddy the dog is right beside him.

As reported yesterday, the only pain meds he had during the day was Tylenol 2x.  We did give him the heavier stuff before bed because that seems to be harder for him for some reason.  And he did wake up several times whining last night about hurting.  Not really upset just annoyed I think.  As long as he has his ice packs he is great.  I'm not sure that they are really doing anything anymore but they are a comfort to him.  He likes one on his knee on the left leg and the other on the bottom of his leg on the right leg.

I keep having a dream about his surgery.  And last night it was even more intense.  I dreamed that we got all the way to the day the casts come off and they remove the casts and we find out they never really removed the feet and it was like he had gone through all of this for nothing and we still would have to do more for him.   ARGH!  Logically, I am not sure why he had so much pain at the beginning if they had done nothing but needless to say, I'm having issues with "something"...  I'm weird I know...I have a lot of bizarre dreams.

Peter and I were talking last night about how well Lucas's demeanor has been during this whole thing.  We really didn't know what to expect since he "can" have issues at times when he is very frustrated with anger, etc.  We tried to figure out "why" and at first I wondered if it was from the sedation from drugs, etc.  -- He is wearing a patch on his arm till tomorrow that actually is for reduction in blood pressure.  He does not have high blood pressure, but the nurse told us they have found that the pain meds actually hit the system faster and work more efficiently with the useage of this patch.  So they monitor them closely at the hospital to make sure the blood pressure doesn't drop too much and send them home with it so they have better results with pain management.  I have no idea if my logic holds, but would that also keep his mood calmer??? (any help from the medical world on that one would be helpful)

After trying to figure this all out from a logical perspective, we once again fall on the amazing power of Prayer.  Truly, if you knew how sweet, loving, calm and full of joy he has been through all of this it is pretty amazing.  The prayers of the faithful are being revealed.  So, here is my request...could you just keep it up for the next 11 years and through his teens????  lol....cuz this is GREAT!

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  1. I would imagine the lower BP could make him feel more "level". When my BP is low I don't feel like moving too fast or getting too worked up. The pain meds help too. They told us that the Tylenol or Motrin actually work better over a period of times than the "heavy" stuff they give you by IV.

    I would also invest heavily in the prayer dept. It is what got us through the whole thing so far. I think it is the wait and not knowing before hand. I also had very little planned for the entire time he was in casts...and siblings were a huge help.

    Another thing...this is great bonding time :^) as I'm sure you figured out.