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My Family
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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today, another powerful sermon from Pastor Louie.

I won't do it justice to recap it really.  But, in a few days you should be able to go onto Passion City Church website and find it there.

Briefly, the story of Joseph--the favored son--discarded by his brothers and thrown into the "Pit" more than once in his life.  13 of his most valuable years of his life were spent in terrible Pits and ugly places, being framed and discarded.  Yet, he found reason to believe God and maintain his faith. Abandoned by the people that should have loved him most.  He still found reason to Honor God in and through it.

Today, I wept.

The word "abandonment" resonated like a resounding gong in my head.   There was so much to this sermon.  Lucas was in with the kids so he was not with us, but I wept tears for his sweet soul.  The concept of abandonment is very real for him.  And since we do not have his whole story, it is something that could be a struggle for him (and us) as time goes by.  So far it has not been.
I heard the message loud and clear for him today.  Right now he talks about his "China mommy and daddy" knowing full well that they existed and could not take care of him and he lived with is "friends" for a long time (orphanage).
Louie prayed off the "Spirit of abandonment" over all of us.

On behalf of Lucas, I prayed. And wept.
Louie also prayed that we would know we are "adopted as sons".  More tears from this momma.
Never do we need to feel abandoned.  Nothing anyone can do or say should ever leave us in a Pit of despair and abandonment alone--God is WITH us!  He has always been with us.  He has gone before us.  He will never leave us.  (to quote Kristian Stanfill).  We are His sons and daughters.  (if I lived alone in a stinky prison cell for 2 years, I think I could easily become bitter and feel abandoned--but Joseph did not)
I'm believing God for miraculous healing in this boy--healing of his heart from any issues related to his early days.  I'm not in denial, I'm living in a place of Hope and Healing.  Again reminded of the miracle of adoption---our adoption of Lucas, and our adoption into the family of God.
Lord, may this word and the emotions it carries with it not even be a part of our sweet boy's vocabulary or emotions.  May he always know You are with him and will always be with him no matter the life circumstances he may face or recall.
Thank you Jesus for your Healing Power.  Amen.

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