My Family

My Family
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lucas meets Chris and Louie and Shelley

 Today was a special day for Lucas.  Here is the funny part....
We told Lucas several days ago that he was going to get to chat with and see Chris Tomlin.  He loves his music as we've spoken of before, but he totally does not get what "fame" means.  I love that...cuz at first he said he could not do that because he had to go be with "da kids" in Passion Kids.  We assured him there would be time for both and that we would let him stay in Passion Kids until the end and then come to get him.  It took a while to convince him that he would not miss anything.  But, then he got excited.  He LOVES both --- his "Sunday School" (which is really a misnomer--it's much different than that) and Chris T.

We went to get him and brought him to meet Chris and Louie.  Here are a few pics.  We LOVE our church family and felt so covered by prayer as Louie led a prayer over our family with Lucas in the center of it.  He prayed powerfully over all of us and our home.  One thing that stuck out to me was that he prayed a "fog" would cover our home.  I felt power in that.  A fog of the Holy Spirit would just hang over us.  I LOVE THAT!!!!
Louie, Chris and Shelley all talked with us and were so supportive of our circumstance.  We feel loved by our Unusual God!!!!
Here are a few sweet pics.

Thanks Guys for making today special and for lovin' on our boy!!!

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