My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First night home

We made it through our first night home...

Trying to not give too much Oxycodone and balancing off with Tylenol.  
Also trying to find a comfortable position...well let's just say it was a challenge.

I totally respect the doctor's and nurses in the guessing game they must play with individual patients and their needs.  geesh

We started in his bed, moved to his wheelchair and finally to the floor on pillows.

The "good news" is this morning he seems happy and is chatty and much more talkative than he has been so far.  

Netflix is a beautiful thing!  We watched a few things in the middle of the night...
"Emergency"--( you have to be old to remember that one--made in the early 70's but Lucas LOVEs it because it is filled with firetrucks, ambulances and hospitals)

Here's a pic of Lucas's "happy place" this morning....Doen't "look" comfortable to me, but hey he's not complaining, so I'm happy too.

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