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My Family
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Monday, May 23, 2011

All About Isaac

Saturday night, Isaac invited me to a banquet at school called the Leo Banquet.  It is for the kids involved in theater at his high school.  It's a very formal event with many girls dressed in evening gowns.  He invited me as his date because he thought I would like it.  awwww.

I thought it would just be a dinner thing, but it ended up being like the Tony Awards or Oscars with presentations and "Leo" Awards for the best actor, etc. in all the shows for the year.  He was nominated for his role in "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" where he played the love interest of the main character.  He WON!  I was so proud of him.  But, I don't think he was prepared with a "speech" because he didn't really mention that he was even up for an award.  When he got up and did the "thank you mom and dad, etc" he added "...and thank you Jesus for not rapturing me at six o'clock tonight so I could recieve this award"....that's my boy!

The other part of the evening that I just loved was watching all these kids interact.  There is something about the "theater crowd".  I know there is a lot of "drama" other than what is seen on stage.  But, overall there were so many kids that came up to Isaac and were genuinely happy to see him and be friends with him.  I know that may sound simplistic, but to see him go from table to table, talking to people and interacting with them was so great.  He is obviously well loved and respected by a wide variety of people.   Is that surprising?  not really, but just neat to see.  And I loved that he specifically invited me to this event because he thought I would enjoy it.  And I DID!  He thought I must have been bored because I didn't know many people.  But I was not at all.  I LOVED it!

Yesterday, was Isaac's 16th birthday.  Wow! where did that time go?  I love this boy so much!
We had a surprise birthday party on him with the assistance of his sweet girlfriend Annabelle.  She helped me create the guest list and pull it off.  Thanks AnnaB.  I could not have done it without you.

Peter picked out a Pirate Theme...(very funny!) and I made a bass guitar cupcake cake---don't be too critical of the details--I thought the frosting of it would be a lot easier and had very poor planning for timing on that one.  oops!

The kids all hid behind mailboxes and in bushes and popped out from behind our car as we drove over to the neighborhood pool where the party was.  Isaac saw his girlfriend first and said "What's Annabelle doing here?"  then he saw more friends popping out and following our car.  His face lit up and he was very surprised.  He has a great group of friends.

Lucas joined in the fun, without hesitation and started dunking all the teenagers.  So much for just sitting on the edge of the pool.  He wanted EVERYONE IN the pool!!!!

ah but alas, the trick does NOT work both ways....when one of the teens decided to dunk no no.....

It was a great afternoon, lots of sun, food, fun and friendship.  I'm so proud of my boy Isaac and who he is becoming.

 a little shwashbuckling sword fighting action.

Abelle, gives Isaac tickets to the concert of his dreams....coming this week.  Tickets were sold out and he thought he missed out on it (Manchester Orchestra, and ???)

a "greased watermelon" game

and a little bit of food!

I love you Isaac!!!

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  1. Wow! What a great time! I would have loved to be there! I could hear the love in your post.

    Happy Birthday!