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My Family
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

"I forgive You"

Have I ever said I love our church?

Well, today we actually got seats in the front row.  Our church is not like most churches in that, it is hard to get a front row seat.  But, today we did.  And not only front row, but center seats.  I did not know how this would go.  Lucas sat between Peter and I, and of course loved the music as usual.  Sat on Peter's shoulders Praisin' Jesus.  I am still in awe of how he stays focused on what is going on.  And I am certain he is learning about God.  It's just mind blowing.

As the preaching section began--which lasts about an hour---the pastor talked about the sermon from last week which we missed that was all about forgiveness.  He said they talked about saying "I forgive you".  Lucas's ears perked up as he recognized that phrase.  He looked right at me and said "I forgive you".  As in  "I recognize that".  We have used this often when he says "I'm sorry" we say "I forgive you".  We think this is such a critical concept to teach.  Our Lord has offered US forgiveness and we must offer it to one another.  It is not always easy.  But, he recognized it.

If he didn't hear anything else tonight
If he didn't comprehend another word
He learned and heard
"I forgive You"

What a sweet gift from the Lord....Lucas knows forgiveness.

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