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My Family
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brave boy-"Our God is Stronger"

Yesterday (May 11) we had a Doctor's apt. for bloodwork, etc.  I told Lucas ahead of time that we would be going, and that he would have "2" pokes.  He sort of looked at me and twisted his face a little, but that was about it.  When we got there, they did the TB test and finger prick.  All without any issue.  But then said he needed another "gallon" taken at the lab.  So I had to take him for another 7 viles of blood to be drawn.  He was amazing.  He watched the whole thing, never moved, and seemed genuinely fascinated when his blood began to flow through the little tube to the viles.  He did great!  Such a brave boy.  The doctor was also very surprised at how well Lucas is understanding English and beginning to speak it.  He said, "He is a very bright boy"!  =)

Lucas continues to idolize his big brother Isaac, especially his music.  Not hard to do.  Here is a song that he and his band wrote and perform.  They only have 2 songs so far, but I happen to think they are heading to being a very talented band.

So later in the day, Lucas and Isaac set up a "band" at our house.

I actually think Mr. Lucas shows some promise with rythym and music.

Speaking of music...

We listen to a lot of our local Christian music statioin 104.7 The Fish.  And also we attend Passion City Church here and Chris Tomlin (popular singer/songwriter) leads our worship.  Lucas has begun to recognize one of the songs he hears at church when it comes on the radio. It is called "Our God".  We also have a local restaurant called ChickFilA which is a wonderful fast food chicken restuarant.  They also play christian music.  When we have been there in the past few weeks he has recognized "Our God when it comes on their music selection.  We went there yesterday and as the music played faintly in the backround, Lucas's eyes lit up.  He heard "Our God".  Other music had played before it, but he pulled that song out.  It really is the only song he picks out and usually says "baba" because Peter sang in the choir with our church on Easter and they sang that song.  He recognizes it from church.  So yesterday, when he heard that song, he began to sing along  "Our God is Stronger".  I LOVE that!  There is so much truth to be had in that small little phrase.  Our God Is Stronger than any issue, circumstance, difficulty, or challenge in our lives.  Our God is Greater!

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