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My Family
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Motorcycles, A Serious Discussion with Lucas and Doctors

First let me begin with a message from Lucas....

and there ya have it folks---probably what we sound like to him most days....=)

Lucas has been a tad obsessed shall we say by Motorcycles the past several days.  So everytime we get in the car, he points them out.  When we pull into a parking lot and he sees one he wants to go look at it mor closely.  He has decided that Isaac, Daddy, and Lucas are all getting motorcycles--"but not momma".  

So last night as we laid down for bed he was rambling on and on about them and showing me he needed to be bigger before he could get one.  Then he began pointing to his toes and then raising his hand to "5"  fingers.  I am a little dense so it took me a minute to figure it out.  But then he went and made another motion with his hand like a cutting motion at about the knee level on his legs.  It was bizarre, but he was excited about whatever he was telling me.  With the help of Google Translate and some delicate navigating of some touchy subjects, I realized he was telling me he wants "FIVE" toes on his feet.  And the cutting motion was indeed, "cutting off his legs" at about the knee.  I showed him pictures of prosthetics online and he nodded "yes", except the pictures I was showing were of only one leg with a prosthetic.  That wasn't good enough.  He wants "2".  It was all a tad intense for me.  But he was very excited at the prospect.  He indicated He wants to be taller.  And I think he thinks that by getting rid of his tiny lower legs he will be taller.  True.  But he is still a bit of a peanut anyway.  Heavy discussion.  And to clarify.  Never at anytime have we told him this was an option or possibility.  It IS what some doctors have mentioned, but we won't know that until we have a discussion with an orthopedic surgeon on June 1.  With his very active lifestyle, I am wondering what they will suggest.  But, knowing this is what he wants---it's pretty brave and amazing if you ask me.  Prosthetic feet Do have 5 toes.  Does he fully understand the implications?  probably not.  But if he has a desire for it, it will make it a lot easier to head into that whole thing if that is the direction we need to go.

This week was "doctor" week for the sweet boy too.  Mostly generic "international adoption" appointments etc.  Wed. we saw the general pediatrician who ordered bloodwork -- 1 finger prick, TB test, and about 7 vials of blood.  Then gave us the "lovely" stool sample test to take home.  He thought that was hysterical.  So on Thursday we did that lovely test at home--Apparently the thought of collecting PooP in a jar and mixing it up is quite funny!  And then the fact that someone actually wants this "gift" you've produced makes it even funnier.  He thinks we all should do it.  Can I just say it was GROSS!?  thank you!

Today we had the TB test rechecked.  Of course it was positive, because the one in China was positive and he has had the BCG vaccine which is a vaccine for TB.  It is a catch 22 situation.  For those who know or care, his test measured 24 mm today.  Anything at or over 10 mm is a red flag.  That sent us for a chest xray which of course came back negative.  No TB active, but, now they have a positive TB test over double the size of what it was in China because that is what happens once a TB comes back positive.  Each time it gets worse.   So he has to be treated even though he has probably never had TB, or been exposed to it.  It is just a messy situation.  So on Monday we find out what the medication situation is, but I have heard it could mean having him on meds for a YEAR!  Geesh!  Everyone I've talked to says the BCG vaccine is probably what caused it.  Irritating...

The Good news from today...We also saw the cardiologist for the heart murmur that everyone keeps hearing.  After an EKG, and Echo cardiogram/sonogram he recieved a clean bill of health from cardiology.  There is notthing notably wrong with his heart...Yeah God!  It's just an "innocent" murmer.

Here are a few pics from the past few days:

when you have a lot of doctor appointments you get a LOT of stickers

when you have a meltdown of disobedience, the logical response is to clean your brother's bathroom when it is all finished (this was not a punishment, this was what HE decided to do as he was coming down off a series of "poor choices" a few days ago--his 15 year old brother thanked ME for cleaning his bathroom.  Ummm no....that was your brother that did that)  It sparkled.  But I think I may need to take out stock in Windex!

and, after you've had a long day of everyone listening to your chest, xraying you, and scanning you,  the logical response is to torture the dog when you get home with what you've been through all day long...

just for fun....Buddy the dog and what was left of the cat....

ok, I just combed the cat, but it looks like Buddy ate him.  I thought it was funny.

also wanted to let you know
It's Official at yet another level.  This is Lucas's U.S. Citizenship Papters that came this week!
(I had a picture on here, but thought that wasn't the best idea for security reasons so it's gone)

Needless to say I'm about done with doctor appointments, poop collection, needles, xrays, and waiting rooms for a while.   I know there is more to come, but at least this first layer is done!
Thank you for all your prayers along our journey and into the future.  God is Faithful and overall, we are so blessed that nothing so far has come back in such a way that we really have to be worried about anything life threatening.  We are grateful for that.

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