My Family

My Family
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Baseball, Hot Dogs and Strawberries

2 days ago we were invited by some sweet friends to go to a minor league baseball game.  I am not a huge sports fan, but I really like going to these games because everything just seems more family freindly.  Sorry if that offends the purist baseball people, but it serves my level of sports attention...which isn't much.  I'm all about being with friends, eating food (albeit nasty food) and watching the kids just love hanging out together.

Thank you to the Fedeles for inviting us.  So much fun!

And a bunch of "firsts" for Sir Lucas:

First minor league baseball game

First Corn Dog

First Cotton Candy

Anytime he is with his friends he is a happy little man.  When we depart he begs to know when we will be together again.  He usually cries for at least 15 minutes everytime we depart.  He just loves them so much.

Today, Monday, we were together again.  This time another First...Strawberry Picking:

Peter said this is the first time he has seen someone pick strawberries while wearing a tie.  I have to agree.  He thinks it is part of getting dressed everyday.  I think it's sweet.

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  1. Sweet. Poor Lucas. He will figure out that he will see his friends again and home is a good place to be. He's such a handsome boy.