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My Family
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucas the Parrot

Ever wonder what speach patterns you have that you don't even know you have?
Adopt a child that is learning your language.
You will find out.

Lucas is picking up more and  more English.  We have not done a lot of formal teaching, because we have wanted him to just be able to adjust to all the other changes before cramming a bunch of other stuff into his brain.  However, he is picking up a lot more than you can imagine and when I really think about it at the end of the day, I realize how much more English I am hearing each day.

But some of it is rather funny when I think because I realize he is copying my speach patterns since I am the one who spends the most time with him--good or bad.

Here are some of the things that make me chuckle:
"I don't know"...( with an inquisitive sort of tone-shrugging shoulders)
"Hode on" (hold on)
"Let'sa Go"
"I need to go potty" (this happened for the first time yesterday--up until then he always informed me via chinese words)
"silly boy"
"excusa me"
"eat some food"
"cum 'ere" (come here)
"brush your teeth"
"You are Welcome"
"just a little while"

I'll add more if I think of them.
just a funny sort of combination of things he must hear me say a lot.

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