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My Family
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"I love you momma" "I love you baby"

Happy Mother's Day
It was a good day.

My guys made me waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.  Is it wrong that I showed Lucas he could put maple syrup on top of the waffles with strawberries and whipped cream?  He doesn't eat any bread products--donuts, bread, crackers, pancakes, cookies.  It's sad really.  But, today I showed him the fine art of how to eat a waffle the "right" way.  Ok I don't usually add the syrup, but it was all about showing him that waffles are beautiful things.  Both Peter and I thought about the movie Elf when Buddy the Elf eats "spaghetti".  what can I say?  Peter thinks I'm taking the one class we took on Attachment and Bonding a little to literally.  In it they said that adopted children should be given a lot of sweets because it helps with bonding....I am just doing what the seminar suggested....that's all really.

We went to church and then to Chipotle for lunch.  Good food.

Came home and did a few things, then Peter left for a volunteer thing at church.  My boys began to play music together.  I soaked it all in.    If I can get the video thing to work and permission from #1 son, I will post it here.

I did have a moment when something upset me to tears today.  I really tried not to "show" the boys,  but it just happened.  I had an apology, but my boys saw me sad.  I got a sweet hug from my older boy and the younger one began to cry.  It wasn't a disobedience thing, just something upsetting.  Peter wasn't home at the time.   But the response from Lucas was a bit more than I would have expected.  He hugged me so tightly and just sobbed because I was sad.  It was overwhelmingly touching.  He really is a sensitive little boy.  I couldn't believe his response.

Tonight as I put Lucas to bed and laid down with him, he was a little looney.  He kept getting up and could not settle.  Finally he cuddled up to me and began to say:
"I love you momma"...I said "I love you too" but he said "I love you momma, I love you baby".  I didn't recognize it until I heard it a few times,
 but then I realized that when he says "I love you momma"
 I respond with "I love you baby".
 It was so sweet.

And finally,
A tender finale to this day..
while laying in bed he began to sing a song he made up with Isaac today "I love you, I love you, I love you..."  But I asked him if he would like me to sing a song about love.  He said "yes"....why is that such a big deal?  Because we have been asking him if we can sing him lullaby's since we got him.  Today...
on Mother's Day
he accepted my gift of lovin' him by letting me sing him a song:
I Love You Lord

I Love You Lord
and I lift my voice
to worship You
oh my soul
Take joy my King
in what you hear
may it be a sweet, sweet sound
in your ear.

Then right before bed, Isaac called me up to his room and gave me a private performance of a song from one of his favorite bands.  I LOVED it!  He doesn't always let me hear his stuff voluntarily, but this was a wonderful gift.  I think he has an amazing gift and talent for music.  He plays guitar and sings and not that I am biased or anything, but I think he is amazing.

and to end this post with a Lucas Prayer:
every meal
every bedtime
"Thank You Jesus for our food amen"

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  1. tears. sweet little presents.

    and that is exactly what julia prays. all the time. and she can speak english. :)