My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Today is Tomorrow"

This morning Mr. Lucas woke up in our bed---as usual, but it was late because it's Saturday so all of us were being lazy.  He said "Momma today is tomorrow".  Why is that profound?  #1 it is English. #2 he understands "today and tomorrow"
Yesterday we had friends over for our small group Bible Study which was primarily a social event with all of us and the kids. He LOVES the kids, activity and social aspect.  He does great in those settings.  But the hard part for him is saying good-bye.  Well, today we are actually babysitting 3 of those kids.  So I could tell him yesterday that "tomorrow" they will be back.
Thus we woke to "today is tomorrow".  Yippeeeeeee  we are communicating and he is getting concepts that we are teaching him.  Small steps but it's an indicator of other communication we've recently had also. This isn't the only thing.  And as to be expected, he is very happy!

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