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My Family
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Tonight at dinner Lucas was being a complete goofball.  He laid on my lap at one point and pointed to my nose and then took his index finger to his own nose and stretched it out like Pinnochio's nose.  "Momma....nose...."

I said, "You think I have a big nose?"  He started cracking up!


Just cuz he has the most adorable cute little asian button nose doesn't mean he gets to call me Pinnochio!

Speaking of noses....

His got full of water MANY times today.
He has been swimming A LOT lately.  And today he and I practiced without any floatation devices for a while.  He sank.

I'm a fan of sinking.

Is that cruel?  I know a lot of people put floaty things on their kids.  I think that is ok if you want to do that--it's a theory.  But, I believe children should know the feeling of sinking.  So, he has a circluar "donut" thing that he can use for floating around in the pool  but, if he lets go...he sinks.  I want him to learn that.  I'm right there if he needs me.

Today as we practiced around the pool he got to a point of even diving for diving sticks at the bottom of the pool with assistance.  But, in the process he got LOTS of water up his precious little nose.  That he does not like so much.  Ok he screamed a few times.  Trying to teach someone to blow out of their nose while under water is a tad of a challenge.

This whole swimming thing reminds me that we sort of have a toddler.  He is just learning all these toddler-like skills.  But, MAN does he pick them up fast and move from one thing to the next with speed.  I mean in a day we went from using the donut to diving for pool sticks.  He cannot swim on his own, but he is brave enough to jump off the side with caution and with me standing there.  He can scoot himself alongside the pool and actually "saved" himself at one point by nearly swimming underwater.  (I was standing right there, but let him figure out how to manuver underwater to get to the side of the pool)
He amazes me.

as a side note, the "other" boy left today for a week long trip to Flordia with a friend and his family to go surfing.  The day after school gets out and he is off to surf.  A boy's dream come true--except he called us to tell us he is feeling sicklish (he is prone to sinus infections) so we need to pray for his health.  It would be a realy bummer for him to be sick this week.

Better get to bed.  why am i even awake at 11:30pm?

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  1. Eva told me I had a big nose just yesterday! I replied, "No, you have a small nose."