My Family

My Family
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

...and FINALLY we play Pretend.....

I suppose there have been some times when Lucas has played "pretend" and I have not noticed.  But it really does not happen often.  He is a very practical little man.  He laughs and runs and plays with his friends.  He likes to shoot baskets and play ball.  But today, we caught him "red handed" playing "pretend".  Our little dog Buddy has a bell next to our front door that he likes to ring when he wants to go  outside.  After dinner tonight, we saw Lucas over by the bell ringing it and pretending he was Buddy.  So, as I am want to do....I told Peter ...ok sort of screamed "He's Playing Pretend!!!" "Be a dog!" the three of us got down on all fours and ran around the house barking and pretending to be dogs.  Ok I took on the roll of the cat and got completely pounced upon, but that's another story.  It was a complete blast!  This is HUGE!  We need our boy to enter into this realm of play and pretend.  It is so healthy and good.  We are guessing there just wasn't a whole lot of it or he just has not been allowing himself to "go there".  I LOVE IT!!!  More to come I hope and pray!  Stay tuned for more Lucas adventures!

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  1. this makes me SO happy. next stop, reading!! :)

    oh, and serve him cereal out of a bowl on the floor. he'll love eating it like a dog...or maybe that's just my kids.