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My Family
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singing, Writing, Cutting, Talking to the dog and a proud to be Isaac's momma

The past few days, we have been working on singing the ABC's with Lucas.  It's very sweet.  It goes something like this...
"A...B...C...B...E...F...G...............A....B...C....B...E....F...G....."  yes the B is repeated...and the whole phrase is repeated.  He can't seem to quite distinguish the B from the D.  But, he sings it with Gusto.  And all that gobledegook that comes afer the letter G is just "extra" anyway.

Today I began to write out the A, B, C's for him as well, and he began making the connection that the "creatures" (ie humans, and other animals) in his life have names, so I began to write them out and he copied every single one of them.  He did FANTASTIC....
here are some pics.

Cutting: (Watermelon)
ummmm maybe not my best "mommy" moment, but I let Lucas cut watermelon tonight with a very sharp knife---he still has all his fingers, but he's missing some toes  (ba dum bum...was that wrong?)
By the end of the session he was practically mincing the watermelon.  It was quite funny.  Oh and some of the pieces mysteriously ended up in his MOUTH!

Talking to the dog:
This morning he woke up in such a cute mood.  Somehow he is still finding himself in our bed at some point every night.  So he woke up there upside down this morning and when he wakes up he stretches and makes the cutest little motions, like a baby when he wakes up.  The dog noticed him and jumped up on our bed----don't tell Peter....
And then the "chatting" began.  I have no clue (for the most part) what he was saying, but I video taped 10 minutes of a one-sided conversation he had with a VERY patient Buddy dog in chinese.  At one point while I was video taping the dog let out a HUGE yawn!  It was quite funny.
and Ta DA I finally have the video...

One Very Patient Pooch---that eventually gets bored with the whole matter and yawns mid stream.

So, this is my first attempt at uploading a home video, or creating one for that not judge it's have no clue what I'm doing.  I just wanted to share this sweetness.
And as a matter of interpretation for those that do not understand chinese:

mama= "me" Mom
Gege=Isaac-big brother
Buddy=the dog in the video
The word that sounds like "mommy" is actually the word for "cat"= our cat Nemo
Grandma=my mom
Linda=my sister
Tóngxué= friends (sounds like tong shuea)
that's about all I've got to help ya out folks

Proud to be Isaac's Momma:
Tonight, Isaac came down and told us someone has asked to hire him to do a photo shoot for them for some senior pictures.  This is HUGE!  Not only to me but to Isaac!  I am so PROUD of him.  He has such a talent and artistic flair to his work.  He uses REAL film and Peter's 20+ year old Nikon camera.  I have total and complete respect for that.  I shoot 100 pictures and keep maybe a handful.  He has to think it through and plan because each shot costs money.  Blows me away.  I will post some of those here if I can get permission from the photographer...=) For now you'll just have to settle with my simple shots of the boys:

Now that's one talented and handsome young man....just sayin'


  1. Sorry haven't commented in a while, just catching up tonight. sounds like Lucas is settling in nicely. Our kids slept with us for ages...I felt and told Luke they are only young once and sometimes need the extra security; we dont sleep alone, why should they? they mostly started out in their rooms but not always. I also had older siblings lay with or sleep with the younger ones to help bed time go better. So far, none has gone to middle school sleeping with us, and i miss it! cherish it while you can.
    and kudos to Isaac, he defiantly has that artistic eye. I wonder if the graduation fairy will bring a new camera for him? (I'll talk to Opa )
    Love and Miss

  2. LOVE the video! What a precious gift you have been given.
    Hugs to all of you!

  3. Such a Sweet moment to capture.
    Dogs love to be spoken to - - and Lucas does it with such affection.
    Perhaps Buddy will learn Chinese?