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My Family
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Silly Boy" and 6 weeks today

So, you know how it is when you have a little toddler around and you have to watch everything you say because they may immitate you and say things that could be embarassing?  Well, at least this wasn't embarassing, but Lucas is catching English more and more.  And tonight he was being quite silly.  And I kept hearing him say "Silly boy" reference to himself.  Then he applied it to Daddy, and Buddy the dog.."Silly Baba" "Silly Buddy".  It was very cute.  I know that seems simple but he understood what "silly" meant.  I am also realizing what phrases I must use that he hears and thus repeats.  So far so good--nothing he "shouldn't" be saying, but he is really understanding more and more each day.

The other thing I've noticed is when he is telling us stories in Chinese, he is beginning to struggle once in a while and hesitate to find the right words.  I can hear him pause sometimes to find the word to describe something (in chinese).  We are wondering if he is beginning to "think" in English.  It doesn't seem to frustrate him so that is good, but it is interesting to watch sometimes.

He recognizes some words sound similar in English like the word "watch" and "wash".  We "watch" Buddy movies on TV(air bud). But we do NOT "Wash" Buddy (our dog) the bathtub.  One day he thought I told him we were going to "Wash" Buddy (our dog)....what I really said was "Watch" Buddy (the movie).  Now he references that a lot and laughs.

We were at Aldi, the grocery store today, and Lucas was just watching lots of people.  There happened to be 2 families there with kids that were giving their momma's a bit of a challenge.  Lucas just watched all of that unfold.  I was wondering if he was going to step in and assist at one point.  I heard him say "no" under his breath.  But he watched a momma use a 1,2,3 warning with a consequence afterward, which I used a few days ago.  He LOOKED at me with big eyes, like "hey you do that too".  It was good for him to see some of these family dynamics at work from the "outside".  Let's face it, All of it is new to him.  Being out in public, needing to listen to this lady, figuring out what this shopping thing is all about, figuring out who belongs to whom, deciding what things we can take home and what things we leave at the store, etc. etc.

Today we had what I would consider one of our best days yet. Today we have had Lucas in our family for SIX weeks.  It was six weeks ago today that I saw his precious sweet face from across that hotel lobby and went running to him in tears.  And then he broke down and began to rock and sob.  He was so scared and so vulnerable, and I cannot imagine what else that day.  I look at him today and think it's not even the same kid.  Unless he gets sad for some reason, then I see that precious boo boo face that I saw that first day.

Today was a significant day in my opinion for another reason as well.  Let's face it I'm addicted to good quality children's toys.  I never got rid of my boy's Playmobile, Lincoln Logs, or Legos.  I have waited this long to take out the Playmobile toys because I have an overwhelming supply in 2 huge plastic boxes.  Lucas found the "Feiji" (airplane) today.  And enjoyed looking at all the characters and parts n pieces to see what we could assemble.  He actually stuck with a toy for more than 3 minutes without putting it away.  He pretended he was flying the plane, took it around the house with him.  Pretended it crashed, etc.  This is HUGE since he really has not played much with toys.  He has taken things out, looked at them, sorted them and put them away.  But not reaally played pretend, or gone back to them.

I knew I loved Playmobile before....but now it's my new favorite toy (again)

Today, he also found a load of Chinese "treats" I brought back from China.  He was extatic.  Ummm these little delectible bites are bizarre and he Loves them.  I tried them in China and almost puked.  It is almost like Chili powder beef jerky.  But I don't think it is meat.  I am not trying it again so you will just have to take my word for it.  Very tough and chewy but so spicy, my head almost blew off.  He loves it. And once again the people in china would almost curse me out for wanting to give him spicy food because "children don't eat that".  It takes a bottle of water to choke it down, but he was in heaven eating it. Since I can't read the ingredient list, I'm just going to assume it is an edible product.

Please note the "tie and t-shirt" attire.   He has been wearing a tie with a tshirt everyday for about 4 days.  It's quite cute.

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