My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Surgery is done!  Praising God!

The doctor came in and told us everything went well.  They did the Boyd Amputation.  That means they kept the heel pad and attached it to the Tibia with pins (bolts or whatever they call the harware) he will need another surgery in about 6 weeks to remove the pins. He is casted up to the hip area...

We should see him in about an hour.  Dr. says we will likely go home on Friday.

And now
...Peter can now stop taking the

 "spontaneous pictures of me making a fleece blanket..."- that I told him to take; but I made him wait so I could put on my lipstick first...and then we cracked up...ok, maybe I cracked up!

I'm notorious for sticking my tongue out when I'm working on things so I thought I'd show my "true" self...right here...right now....=)

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