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My Family
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Surgery Talk and A Wheelchair for Lucas

10 days and counting till surgery.  Suddenly it seems to be approaching rapidly.

Last week Wednesday (2 weeks pre surgery) as we started school we did our normal calendar routine.  We looked at the date, said it, and then looked at what's coming up.  I mentioned to Lucas that his surgery was 2 weeks to the day away.  Up to this point he has been nothing but giddy about it.
This was the first time Lucas actually said he was scared.
I asked him why?
(Totally understandable, but I wanted him to try to verbalize it a little-what changed?)
He said it was because he was afraid it would hurt.  He needed reassurance.
We didn't sit in that place real long but I reassured him daddy and I would be there with him the entire time and the doctors would do their best to help him not hurt and feel comfortable.  I think it is a good thing that he is telling us this.  He is trusting us and letting us in to his tender little soul and letting us know he is nervous.  
This is good.

We will continue the countdown and reassuring him.  We will continue to pray for his tender little soul and Jesus protection over him.

On a related note...
We received a sweet blessing from our friend Katherine on Friday.  As we were chatting, I mentioned we will be needing a wheelchair for Lucas for about 2 months and I was beginning the search for where to get it.  A lightbulb went off in her pretty little head and she said "why didn't I think of this earlier?"  She has a nephew and ?brother? that are in medical equipment sales.
She called her nephew and he is supplying Lucas's wheelchair for FREE!!!
for as long as we need it.
That is a HUGE blessing for us because medical insurance doesn't cover it.  With our finances being extremely tight right now this is a true God-thing.  We are so grateful to God for using our sweet friend to deliver such an amazing blessing.  Thank you Jesus!

Stay tuned, because I think God is going to do even more amazing things right before your very eyes...

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