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My Family
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Anniversary

Tonight Peter and I had a rare privelage to go out to dinner together.  It was our anniversary dinner....yes our anniversary is June 25.  Yes that was 3 months ago.  But, I had a great "groupon" kind of deal for the Melting Pot and thanks to a gift from my mom (3 months ago) we were able to afford a wonderful "adult" time together, Finally.
We both got dressed up (even though you really don't have to for Melting Pot)... Peter wore a suit, and I wore a dress.   I must say, that husband of mine who has been working out and eating right...well he was H.O.T. last night!  Just sayin'.  I had the most handsome date in the place!!!

Lucas stayed with my sweet friend Amy.  But, he was a little confused as to what was going on.  I told him a few days ago that daddy and I were going "out" for dinner.  He kept saying..."when you and daddy eat outside..."
He was trying to figure out what "going out" meant and he thought we were going to eat outside.

He also thought it was very cool that we were getting dressed up for dinner.   Since we are "married" I think he thought I was going to put on my wedding dress.  He loves to talk about people who are married.  He has seen pictures in store magazines, etc.  He is trying to piece together what all of that is about in his little head.  He knows there is a big ceremony and people dress up and they kiss...  But, I don't think he quite gets that it is a one time event.  We have shown him pictures of our wedding day, so I think he gets it was a LONG time ago...(23 years to be exact)...but, it is yet another thing to try to figure out.  He is also trying to figure out why he cannot marry me...and that he should really not be talking about marrying the 9 year old down the street that he likes to play with.  He "loves" her, so he wants to marry her.  =)

He wanted to make sure that I stayed dressed up last night before we picked him up because he wanted to "see my pretty shirt".
I have to say, he has always been a great encourager.  He has always been very in tune to what I am wearing, my hair, my lipstick, etc.  As in, he will notice all of it and say "you look pretty mommy".  I don't get that very much around here because that is just something my husband does not do--a great man, just not in his vocab.  So when little Lucas sees it and notices, it just lights up my day.
When he saw me dressed up last night he got kind of coy.  It was very adorable.

I am thinking maybe Peter and I should have a date more than once every 6 months so it is not such a shock to everyone in the family...=)

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