My Family

My Family
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Sunday, September 25, 2011


I woke up at 4:30 this morning with my head reeling with things "to do".  So, I got up.  Prayed.  and started doing some odds n ends around here in preparation for Wed. when we head off to surgery for Lucas.

I apparently elicited a lot of comments on facebook when I mentioned my plight---I would have rather been sleeping--really.  =)

But, most of all, I realized once again that we are covered in Prayer by those far and near.
The comments came from people all over the country.  God's mighty hand has touched us once again.  I am learning that people do not have to be in my backyard to still be participating in this life event.  Prayer is HUGE!  And tonight we witnessed God's handiwork as Lucas said,
"Mommy, I'm not gonna be scared for surgery anymore....I gonna be brave" as he cheerfully headed off to bed.
THAT is GOD!!  I'm saying THAT is nothing short of a miraculous statement coming from this boy--and a sincere THANKS to all who have been praying.  You need to know your prayers are being effective.  Keep it up, we are gonna need them.

This song is my heart tonight....(Day after Day--Kristian Stanfill--one of our worship leaders)
Please take time to listen....Our God is Hope is in The Lord!

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