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My Family
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pre-Op visit Done!

We just got home from our Pre-Op visit at Shriners.  I sort of wish I would have brought my camera today. Lucas got to talk to a lot of people and see a lot of things and I would love to have record of it.  So I guess my words will have to paint the picture instead....

1.  We had a Child Life nurse show Lucas what the mask was going to look like that he would wear.  She let him handle it and put it on his face.  She also showed him what the IV was and where it would probably be placed and what the IV bag would look like--he got to touch it an hold it.  She taped it to his hand so he saw what that would feel like.  (they will place the IV after he is droopy and sleepy--so he won't be as aware of it)

2.  He met the surgeons and they reassured him he would be sleeping.  They were both very nice and he was happy they were "nice men".  They have switched the original plan for a SYMES amputatinon to a possible BOYD amputation.  That basically is a technique difference which will mean he will keep his heel pad and they will screw it in so those screws will need to be removed later.
He may or may not be casted--they will decide when they get in and see how the closure is, etc.

3.  We toured the rooms and he got to push the nurses call button to see what would happen.  Many of the rooms hold more than one child.  That may be interesting.  But, he was actually pretty excited that someone else might be in the room with him.

4.  He saw a cast and what it felt like and looked like --- although it was placed on a "monster" doll so it wasn't full size...=)

5.  We went back to the prosthetics lab and he got to see examples of feet and legs again.  He thought the actual lab where they make the prosthetics was pretty cool.  He saw a guy working on some stuff and was fascinated by all the tools, etc.

6.  The nurse made an impression of his little feet for us so that they can make plaster castings of them so he remembers his little feet.

7.  He asked some questions and seemed to get the answers he was looking for.  We repeated several things multiple times so that he was reassured.

8.  Then he saw the play room.  VERY cool!  and he is looking forward to playing there after surgery.  Although after talking to the surgeon today there was mention of him maybe coming home the NEXT day!  ---- seriously???  please no.  yikes.  We will have to see about that one.

Something we noted was the difference between Shriner's and St. Jude.  Having had a 3 month stint at St. Jude with Jacob, we saw the insanity of life there.  Never realized it could or would be different at Shriners because of the less intense treatments, etc.  I just expected it to be as crazy and intense.  It is not!  There were hardly any people there.  The rooms were mostly empty.  But, then I realized most of the orthopedic kids are like Lucas in that they have surgery and then leave after just a few days.  Unlike St. Jude where there is long term treatment and multiple visits in a week sometimes.  It is a much calmer place and less stressful in my opinion.  I'm sure when Peter and I are sitting and wating for 6 hours for him to return to us next Wednesday I will challenge my own opinion on that one.  But, we will be prepared to stay busy as we wait for him.  The surgery itself should take 3 hours.  We need to be at the hospital at 9 a.m. and I don't have a specific time for surgery  (I'm guessing 11?).  Will keep posted that day as they have internet access at the hospital.

ta ta for now.  We have a weekend to get started.  Time for some fun!

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