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My Family
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Relearning how to parent - part deux

So yesterday, we had some near collisions again.

But, the interesting part was how it was resolved.  Much more quickly and with recollection of the day before.
I did have to hold his hands 2x for attempting to hit after getting ornry about school work.   But, I didn't ignore it at all.  I launched into the new policy immediately.  Any hitting requires hand holding.  Any kicking requires feet holding.  He was sure to remind me that he did not kick, so I did not need to hold his feet.  I also gave him the opportunity to "relearn" how he could behave.  It worked and he spoke very nicely.  See he is teachable.  whew!

He had gum again yesterday.
This time I saw him play with it once.  And I said to to him, "remember yesterday?".  That was all it took.  He didn't play with it again.

This is very encouraging to me but also is a great reminder that even the "little" things are big things and I need to stay on my toes at all times.  

I thought we were going to end up with a serious meltdown--so far so good.
He woke up this morning at 5:30.  That is about 3-4 hours earlier than it should be for him.
Typically this means very ugly behavior, particularly for school.
I told him, if he gives me any problem or disobedience whatsoever, that he would have to lay down on my bed to rest for 30 minutes.
He said "trust me momma".
 uh hum.....ok....

We went through our normal routine, except about 3 hours earlier.

All our schoolwork was DONE by the time we normally start.

He's been wonderful
This is a bit weird, but all far.
I told him -- this was all his choice.
He choose to cooperate.
He choose to be kind.
He choose to do his work well.
Momma's very proud of him.  I'm sorry I didn't believe you this morning, Lucas.

One thing to note.
We have been doing the Strong Sitting I mentioned a while back.  We are up to 5 minutes.  I think it is a wonderful thing.  Overall, he seems much better (barring the incident from 2 days ago).  I've also told him to count to 10 if he feels he's going to get angry about something, and I've seen him pause and count in is head a few times before he responded.  He remembered and was able to put it into action.

God is good!

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  1. You have been blessed with a smart son! Keep up the good parenting, Heidi. Patience and consistency. You can do it.