My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, September 30, 2011

one more step and we get to go HOME!!!!

Pain is under control--PRAISE GOD for a totally smooth transition from one pain med to the other--THANK YOU all for your prayers.
Cath is OUT!
Epidural is OUT!
Casts are covered with their final covering....Camouflage..chosen by Lucas.
He is on oral pain meds Only right now.  Oxycodone and tylenol.  He did have a slight reaction with redness and itching in his face so they gave him Benadryl to get rid of that, but I think we have figured it all out now so he will get a slightly lower dosage of the Oxy which is good too.

One last step....we need him to pee on his own.--(sorry if that is crass but it is what it is)

We are waiting for that and then all the instructions and we are outahere.

this is a much happier boy today--a liitle groggy but much happier than the past 2 days....

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