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My Family
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

"thas' a really good song..."

So Lucas has been wanting to meet our worship leader-Chris Tomlin-- for several weeks.  We haven't told him but we are planning a more formal meeting in up and coming weeks.  I'm hoping it may be a little more private that what happened today.

After church Chris kindly made himself available to people to take pictures with him.  He doesn't do that very often.  Lucas saw him.  And was NOT going to let that opportunity pass this time.  So we rushed to the front and waited.  He eventually caught Lucas's eye.  I told Chris that Lucas has been here with us in our family for 5 months from China and he LOVES "Our God"---He screams it, plays it on his guitar and plays the drums REALLY loudly to it.  He smiled.  Then Lucas said:

"Thas a really good song"

Chris just smiled....

That was about it.  But I thought it was so sweet that Lucas wanted to make sure that Chris knew "Our God" was a "really good song".....
For those that don't know the song here it is.
It has been a Top worship song for months.  It's way overplayed on the radio, and known by most people that have that kind of music in their churches.  It is used A Lot!!!!  I love that Lucas wanted to make sure that this Dove Award winning artist knew that Our God is a "good song" just makes me smile....

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