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My Family
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 a.m.--"My toes hurt"

We had a round of pain issues again at about 5 this a.m.
It wasn't quite as bad as last night was, but he had some tears.

He kept saying "my toes hurt".....

I asked the nurse and she said what I thought-- it is the Phantom Pain issue.

Plus there is real pain from the actual surgery site and I'm guessing since that is the end of his leg now it probably seems like it is his toes too.  She said his pain is probably a throbbing feeling right now.

He is resting now again which is good.

We brought a few gifts along with us and gave them to him, but he is not quite ready to play with them yet.    He liked it, but said he would wait till he gets home to play.

He also sweetly said "I don't like surgery"...=(
I love that boy... I don't like surgery either boopski!

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  1. Sweet, sweet boy. We love you Lucas!!! We're praying & trusting God for His miraculous healing!!