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My Family
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Monday, September 12, 2011

White Pants after Labor Day

Yesterday, as part of our preparation for our 6 month post placement visit which is today (a mandate by China and our agency), I was tackling the huge pile of ironing that has been sitting in my bedroom for months.  Yes I said "months".  Literally there are long sleeved shirts in that pile from .....
uh hum....
drum roll please....

I had to think about it for a moment because I realized we have been over 90 degrees here in Georgia--or at least in the 80's everyday since April.  I'm suspicious that some of these clothes were washed after our trip to China and never ironed.

The short sleeved shirts have been ironed ...maybe .... a few times...but not these long sleeved ones.

I found some clothes I've been missing too.  Woo hooo.....

But, as I was ironing I found a pair of my white pants (some of the "missing clothing") and was ironing them.  I began to think--"I won't be able to wear these again until next spring, so why bother?"  But, I diligently ironed them anyway.

Then it dawned on me.
"Why could I not wear them again until spring?"
And began a conversation with myself in my head.  'Cuz I hate ironing and I need to entertain myself.

The answers I came up with were things like....
"cuz' you can't wear white after Labor Day"
then I asked myself this question:
"self, who made up that rule and why do you care?"

"good question"
I figure if I like the clothes and I want to wear them I should be able to wear them and phooeee to the nasaers that say I can't.  That was my "sassy" in-my-head-voice.
It really made me ponder some other things in my life though.  (I told you I talk to myself a lot for entertainment purposes while ironing)

There are apparently a lot of "rules" like this I don't understand and I really don't follow many conventions like I should.

*I go out of the house without make up on
*I've gone to pick my 16 year old up places with my wet swimming suit on and a towel wrapped around me. (of course I did not get out of the car, but that's another story)
*I don't buy frozen pizza
*Dusting is optional
*I have a theory about cleaning my floors--I sweep before company, but I don't scrub (generally) because it just gets dirty while they are here anyway, so I clean after they leave.

Even our choice to adopt is unconventional apparently.
And then we pick a foreign country.
And then an older child.
And then a "boy" from China. (not a girl)
And then a special needs child that is going to need prosthetics.

Apparently this is not something most people "do".
I'm not trying to elevate myself, but sometimes I really wonder why people are so shocked or amazed or in wonder of our life and our choices.
Then I realized----I wear "white pants after Labor Day."

I take into consideration the things that people consider "conventional" thinking, but really....I'm an odd duck!  I always have been.  Ask my long time friends, even my family, they will tell you.

The reality is Life in Christ makes me this way--I will continue to be obedient to His Calling even if it means I look "odd".  I am no better for it than anyone else.  In fact I would beg to differ and say I have a long way to go on that obedience road.  But, if I look odd to you-- I am sorry for being an eyesore.  I just need to do what God calls me to do.  And I hope you do the same.  Even if it means you look a little "odd" sometimes.

So,  if you see me walking down the street with a Hippy-looking 16 year old with feathers in his hair and a small Asian child without feet----well---I'll probably be wearing white pants too.  (after Labor Day) 

PS kuddos to my wonderful mother-in-law who taught me how to iron well.  I admire her so much and her dedication to her family and just doing it without ever once complaining about it.  She is my ironing hero--now if I could just get the committment level she had...


  1. What a funny, sweet, interesting post. I love interesting people who are not normal. If we were neighbors, I think we'd be best friends!

  2. You make me laugh with this post!

    I am raising one child who questions convention too. I love that! It keeps things fresh for everyone.

  3. Great blog Heidi! Wear the white!! Sheshh, we are still wearing sandals and flip flops so why not? Love you girl! BTW, Suwanee Day is this Saturday, Lucas may enjoy the kids stuff!

  4. Thanks Marianne...Peter will be gone all day Saturday so I probably will take Lucas over there. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I attended a wedding on Saturday and wore white pants. *gasp!* and no one said anything and I really didn't care what they thought either, because they look great on me! If they still fit in early spring - I will wear them before Easter as well. Mid winter with snow and slush - probably not. . . So wear your white pants and rock 'em! You are not odd - you are an "original!" Rejoice in the story God is unfolding around you!